Презентация: уроки английского


На уроках английского для малышей.


Отработка предлогов движения на уроке английского.


KET speaking part 1


What are you going to do in summer?


На уроке французского языка




Подготовка к устной части экзамена А2 по немецкому языку


Past Simple

Two girls are having a talk in Past Simple. One of them is playing a role of a ghost, another is asking the questions.


One day in London

Two guys are trying to choose where to go in London. Suggestions



An English song called "I CAN" by the first year lerners of MAGISTRA Language school. The kids are singing and showing the actions of the song.



Two language school students are making suggestions and giving responses to them according to their diaries.. The use of phrases such as " Why don't we..?", " Shall we...?", " What about...?", " Is it Ok if we...?", "Let's...." and "Sounds like a good idea", "Sorry, but I can't", " Perhaps another time".


A language school student tells about some wild cats. A video presentation. Present Simple tense.





Song "Head and shoulders, knees and toes"    

A group of young learners are singing and showing the movements of the song.


Have you got any pencils?

Chant for practising " Have you got any...?" and "I have got some..."


Can you meet my cousin?

A boy is asking his classmate to meet his cousin and describing his appearance. What's he like?


Book Presentation

A student is talking about the books she's read and briefly retelling the plot of her favourite one.


Песня "There's a bug on my salad".


ЕГЭ устная часть


Are you...? Yes, I am\No, I am not.


Can you ....?


Can I have something red?


Игра Can you...?


Let's learn the colours


Эстафета Numbers


Hi, I am..



Встреча с американскими гостями. Разговорный клуб 2018


Английский лагерь на Черном море, 2018

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